"LA Diaper Drive allows us to meet one of the many needs of our families with infants and young children. In donating over 70,000 diapers in the last year, they made a remarkable difference in the lives of approximately 800 homeless and teen parent families. Thank you for touching the lives of so many."
-LA Unified School District Homeless Education

"I can't thank you enough for the diapers. Buying diapers for two is very costly and sometimes I don't have the money for them. So thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"LA Diaper Drive has enabled us to distribute diapers to over 200 homeless and domestic violence shelters. Many of the families that we serve are struggling to eat and find shelter. A donation of diapers helps them have the essentials they need for their children."
-Shelter Partnership

"One of our clients has an 11-year old son with Down's Syndrome and multiple medical issues who needs size 6 diapers´┐Ż She told me that sometimes they just don't have any money for the diapers and her son wets himself. Then his classmates complain that he smells bad and don't want to play with him. He suffers shame and isolation because his mom can't afford to buy the diapers he needs. With the help of LA Diaper Drive, we are able to supplement her with extra packs of diapers she so desperately needs."
-Maternal and Child Health Access

"I changed my work schedule so I could go to the parenting classes to get the diapers. Thanks for the much needed help."
-Diaper Recipient, Catholic Charities

"We are so grateful to LA Diaper Drive for being able to help our clients meet their children's basic needs. The families truly appreciate the help and the diapers enable us to assist families even more in helping them to make ends meet."
-Project SAFE